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Ainhoa gogoratuz

Algunos comentarios, detalles y actividades en su recuerdo tras su fallecimiento.
Otros, por deseo de su autor, no aparecen aquí y permanecen en privado para la familia.
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"Today I had a first. I found out via an image on facebook that a friend of mine passed away to cancer. Huch. I met her in London when I was 18 and we spent a month there together. She taught me silly things in Basque like pottokiak baso something (smurfs in the forest lol cause i told her i used to look for them when i was little) and I taught her how to pronounce pret a manger and pick up boys in gay clubs, lol, we had fun. She then became a scientist and we reconnected again through my work with Nature. Her friends and family have been posting photos, memories and appreciation for her all over her fb wall. Ainhoa Murua Ugarte you are one of the funnest people I know and i am so glad we met all those years ago. You added a beautiful friendship to my life. Thank you for an amazing experience and awesome memories. Love you and thinking of you xxx" P.L.S.

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